Terminator Caps

Hardline RF Cable is a critical element in radio site performance.  Cable should should be 50 ohms +- 1 ohm (40 dB return loss) along it's full length.  Hardline cable is easily dented, crushed or punctured.  Test equipment with distance-to-fault measurement capability can verify cable performance.  These measurements can be made prior to installation if a connector is installed on one end of the cable and a termination on the other end. Without the termination, artifacts of the full reflection can show false failures of the cable.  RF Test Solutions press-on-terminations support quick and accurate measurement of hard line cable.  Shipment damage can be detected If a termination is installed prior to shipment and measurements made upon arrival.  Installation damage can be detected by making measurements as the cable hauled up the tower and installed. 

Patented Terminator Caps are an inexpensive and easy to use tool to prevent costly rework and delay to radio site projects.

Terminator Caps simply slip over the end of a cable with a firm press fit.
It’s so easy!
  • Track Cable Quality through shipment and installation

  • Significantly lower cost than connector and termination

  • More rugged than connector
    and termination

  • 20 dB return loss min

  • Improve the quality of installations by knowing when and where
    faults occur

  • Patented, July 2017

March 10, 2019

This week at the IWCE 2019 conference I gave a training on "Measuring Transmission Line Quality Prior and During Installation a tower."  The session had good attendence and was well received.  I think this type of training can help improve site reliability and performance.  Here is a link to get the presentation.

February 24, 2019

Transmission Line and Antenna Testing has become a common test of RF network integrity over the past few years. This relatively new testing methodology is a result of new test equipment evolutions and the need to fully understand the integrity of RF networks after installation.  For the full report click the button below.

March 19, 2018

Below is link to a training session held at the International Wireless Communications Expo in Orlando, Florida, March 2018.  The session was "Measuring Transmission Line Quality Prior to and During installation on a Tower"

June 17, 2016

Anritsu Application Accuracy of DTF Measurements on New Spools of  Transmission Line discusses proper technique for  making accurate Distance to Fault Measurements.  It states "The DTF return loss of the entire spool can be accurately measured but requires putting a termination on the far end of the cable."  See Anritsu Application Notes:

May 5, 2016

Modern test techniques such as Distance-to-Fault utilizing Frequency Domain Reflectometry require a proper RF termination at the far end of the cable being tested. Often, the far end of the cable is not readily accessible. Current techniques would require access to this far end, preparing the end of the cable, installing an RF connector, and then attaching a termination to the RF connector.


Terminator Cap is a self-contained, easy to install device that can be attached to the far end of a cable and left in place until the cable is installed permanently. A Terminator Cap will provide a quality termination at the far end of the cable, facilitating testing.


When a cable manufacturer or distributor spools cable onto a roll the far end is buried and inaccessible. If the manufacturer or distributor inst...

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